Watch “Legend’s Natural Water Birth Live Footage”

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❤ What is love? This is LOVE! ❤

Over 80% of American women have an epidural during labor. Over 30% of women give birth via cesarean in the US. And Black babies are twice as likely to die than a White Baby! So have you ever to wondered, why and how to deliver #natural?

I could talk about all the women who told me I was naive to think I can bear the pain, all the women who said I’ll give in and get an epidural, and all the women who said MY BABY WILL DIE UNDER WATER! Legend breathed perfectly fine for about 43 seconds.

Well here’s my 3 minutes of pain with about 7 pushes and no tears. This pain for me was very bearable, so please dont let anyone convince you not to deliver naturally based on their experience and knowledge!

Please do not let an older generation of parents try to convince you to deliver the way they believe is the safest! A natural birth is very safe and this 4 hours of Active labor will forever be one of life’s most precious moments to witness!

To add, my screams were due to pushing at an extreme level that required every bit of effort I had! Also, I didn’t feel any contractions at this stage, I pushed when I wanted to (didn’t feel the ring of fire, had no idea the head was out…..which it’s very true that my body knew what to do and led the way!

Also, can I mention if you’re not comfortable in your own skin, please don’t let that initial feeling of fear or uncomfortability cause you to not film your birthing experience. Your body form is all temporary, it will eventually change! Prior to this I had never been naked in front of a woman, not even most men (hiding under the sheets) BUT I REFUSE to continue thinking my body is just a Sex Object! It’s actually a Baby Making Machine!

Location: #LoversLaneBirthingCenter
Midwife: Dinah Waranch
Doula: Nikia Michelle

#NaturalWayBirthingProject takes donations, Nikia is truly educating mothers through 8hr free classes like none I’ve seen! Please feel free to #donate!

Lovers Lane Accepts Medicaid/CHIP.

Permission to #Share!

Forever Yours,

S.C. Happily

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