Committment Issues

On Sunny Days, Do you love me questions are followed up with a cringe & a response “Of course I do, I’ve loved your dreads every since the first time I met you! A strong commitment to self love can be viewed as an issue. In this case, self love does not equates to whatContinue reading “Committment Issues”

Taking a 10 Year Risk

Repeated from the Mouth of My Mentor “You’ve got 10 years to F*** Up and still bounce back”. The Power of Words suddenly became a Harsh Reality. If the world took risk like we had 10 years to spare, how far off would we be from our destiny? To a certain extent, that’s very similarContinue reading “Taking a 10 Year Risk”

Black and White

One bite at a time, understand that we live in a world that is prone to criticism but in every imaginable way, there’s flavor.  Be very cautious because there’s always a possibility of overlooking the recipe to success, which occurs the moment everything becomes black or white.  But Delicious if we’re capable of seeing theContinue reading “Black and White”

Turn on The Lights

Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Within each breathing body is a hole of opportunities, gasping for an unfiltered light; centered around how inner you, outerly affects what surrounds you, making oneself whole andContinue reading “Turn on The Lights”

The Mirror Opposing You

Dear Mr. & Ms. Wishing  Upon a Reflection, A miracle is just that, a mirror reflecting the opposite of your frustrations, pity, doubt and all your troubles that are in urgent need of manifestion. So you need a miracle? On this very day have you decided to let go, in hopes of the universe deciding toContinue reading “The Mirror Opposing You”

Pitching 12 Endings

Champions Pitch & Authors Pitch. Here’s my 20 Seconds Elevator Pitch: I’m writing a coming of age story of a girl who has a platform that she’s trying to build, granting her the opportunity to reunite with her missing brother, to find true love and to graduate high school on time, just to find outContinue reading “Pitching 12 Endings”

In Lite of the Dallas Cowboys

Dallas has a Way of Liteing it up….. Blue. Overall thinking of ways to, Lighten the Load. And Not by Drinking but by #Forward Thinking. Happy Friday Everyone! 🙂 & Whatever you do, Keep Your Drive! Yours Forever, S.C. Happily