Burying Sin Alive

Teach Man How To Value Themselves and You Won’t Have to Preach & Teach Sin Again. #SelfLove #SelfAccountability #SelfEmpowerment Yours Forever, S.C. Happily

Confusions & Conclusions: Should Parents Force Their Religion on their Kids

Can you imagine a world where people are raised to believe in the Power of Self? A world where children aren’t exposed to their parent’s belief systems and views of this world; Instead learning, growing and developing into their own individual being. Confusions Lead to Questions: Question #1: Is the purpose of birthing children intendedContinue reading “Confusions & Conclusions: Should Parents Force Their Religion on their Kids”

His Hands the African Way

His Hands Has Honest ways of Feeding an Empty, Growling, and Malnutrition Soul.    It’s the Simple things that God intended to feed our souls. That starts our days, gives us energy and that’s to credit for our growth at night.  Without Food, we’re all like “a Light Bulb without Electricity” waiting to shine.  Shining! Continue reading “His Hands the African Way”

It Takes A Village To Raise A Child

Child. Childlike Anger, Childlike Resentment, and Childlike Unforgiveness.  Child. Childlike Envy, Childlike Hate, and Childlike Jealously.  Child. Childlike Thoughts, Childlike Conversations, and Childlike Behaviors. C’mon Village, Enhance My: Childlike Desires, Childlike Goals and Childlike Dreams.  The journey won’t be easy: You’ll be sure to face challenges and will have to overcome many obstacles but be assured, your village will be right thereContinue reading “It Takes A Village To Raise A Child”