Humility is Thanksgiving

Can you agree? At this very moment I kindly ask you to spend the next few thoughts acknowledging your shortcomings… …. …. You see prior to yesterday I had no idea what shortcomings were: But a sit down with my mentors helped me accept this fact, some of our characteristical flaws have no end dates.Continue reading “Humility is Thanksgiving”

12a.m. Thanksgiving Captures

What a Way to Bring Thanksgiving in; Burning Calories Before Our Big Meal. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! & Have a Great Day!

Our President Elect

Dear People in Pain & Fear, Yes!, He has chances of failing because no man is perfect. But he also has chances of succeeding! Bringing more companies to America, motivating the lower class to contribute to the economy and use their intellects to become business minded instead of democratic minded (where’s my 40 acres andContinue reading “Our President Elect”