Inner Fire (If)

If You can Dream to Be and Be the Dream, Could you live with the Fact that you Never woke up, You never spoke up, and You never showed up? If You can Love to Be and Be the Love, Could you live with the fact that you never gave it your all, that youContinue reading “Inner Fire (If)”


👄 Anticipation 👄 👙 Undressed Truths 👙 I Live To Write!!! My Promise to God on a very memorable day was to Write About Life, and To Live Like No One I Know; Without Fear and No Longer By A Book because (How can I live by a Book when I was created to writeContinue reading “Anticipation”

Committment Issues

On Sunny Days, Do you love me questions are followed up with a cringe & a response “Of course I do, I’ve loved your dreads every since the first time I met you! A strong commitment to self love can be viewed as an issue. In this case, self love does not equates to whatContinue reading “Committment Issues”

His Hands the African Way

His Hands Has Honest ways of Feeding an Empty, Growling, and Malnutrition Soul.    It’s the Simple things that God intended to feed our souls. That starts our days, gives us energy and that’s to credit for our growth at night.  Without Food, we’re all like “a Light Bulb without Electricity” waiting to shine.  Shining! Continue reading “His Hands the African Way”