If Marriage is about Learning, this is how you Learn

The 1st thing that comes to mind is,

Ask Google!

Benefits of Asking Google

1. You won’t have to involve friends or family members in your marriage.

The more people you involve, the more energy you receive to fuel the problem. Stay disciplined!

2. The advice you receive has less chances of being bias, depending on what’s entered into the google search engine. Always check the opposing advice!

To add, you are a mixed combination of the people & places you interact with or learn from, so expand your horizon.

3. You’re to blame for what you read & how you respond, which may be exactly what you need; to take a look at yourself.

Humility will remind you that you’re not perfect, & neither is your husband/wife. Two at faults individuals can grow at a much faster rate, if they both learn from their mistakes and also learn to appreciate having a need to learn and grow.

4. The range of advice you receive may cause you to have an open mindset.

Just as “closed minds don’t get fed”, close mindsets starve themselves of nutritional growth. Exactly why our key nutrients comes from different foods. We all need a Variety of Knowledge & Feedback!

5. Why not, we search google for EVERYTHING else!

Why, because it can be accessed 24 hours a day for free! Well almost, we do pay for WIFI.

Basically, there’s nothing I can say that’s not already on Google except,

Don’t get married because you’re lonely because heads up, you’ll end up spending a lot of time with, ………..do I need to say it, GOOGLE!

The Good News is:

If know one told you marriage was about learning as you grow, to prevent you from having to learn how to let go, then I’ll simplify the missing pieces for you.

* Learn Who You Are

* Learn About Who You Attracted

* Accept your Commonalities and Learn from your Differences.

To Wrap This Thought Up, marriage is ultimately about learning, because you will change, and your life’s circumstances will surely change. Which explains why people who are “stuck in there ways”, have been married for years and or live separate lives, sometimes in separate beds”; All because they stop learning and or lost the desire to LEARN!

And it’s very true, some people reach their growth cycle for a season or they intentionally choose to stay stagnant.

So to answer the question how do you learn:

By seeking knowledge in order to prevent you from becoming stagnant, allowing you to then GROW, GROW, GROW!

Much success to you, Mrs. & Mr. I Do!

Forever Yours,

S.C. Happily

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