Give Me You

Specifically, give me the part of you in which physically, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually see me; Thereby, giving me the ability to judge your depths of comprehending my inner and outer self-identity.

Burying Sin Alive

Teach Man How To Value Themselves and You Won’t Have to Preach & Teach Sin Again. #SelfLove #SelfAccountability #SelfEmpowerment Yours Forever, S.C. Happily

Confusions & Conclusions: Should Parents Force Their Religion on their Kids

Can you imagine a world where people are raised to believe in the Power of Self? A world where children aren’t exposed to their parent’s belief systems and views of this world; Instead learning, growing and developing into their own individual being. Confusions Lead to Questions: Question #1: Is the purpose of birthing children intendedContinue reading “Confusions & Conclusions: Should Parents Force Their Religion on their Kids”

Africa Our Africa

Dear Mr. Meme, Pertaining to a Revolving Meme Of “African Americans going Back to Africa if Trump wins”: The only person going back to Africa is Obama,…….and for a visit that is. And honestly, majority of African Americans find their identity in material things, literally the Broke Trump, filled with hate, drama, selfish tendencies andContinue reading “Africa Our Africa”