January 2nd {ComboTip}

C about it, B about it, & then Act on it! Talking About It Comes Later.   Forever Yours, S.C. Happily

Give Me You

Specifically, give me the part of you in which physically, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually see me; Thereby, giving me the ability to judge your depths of comprehending my inner and outer self-identity.

I Believe in Chiropractic!

My assignment today, to write my “Why”; (Why I wake up and go to work).  Well here it goes: Daily I desire to witness practice members transform from being a product of their environment (work and or lifestyle), into a product of good health, specifically through chiropractic care. Ultimately, by making being correctly aligned inContinue reading “I Believe in Chiropractic!”

Burying Sin Alive

Teach Man How To Value Themselves and You Won’t Have to Preach & Teach Sin Again. #SelfLove #SelfAccountability #SelfEmpowerment Yours Forever, S.C. Happily